Minimum Royalties

In order to finally pass a minimum royalty bill we must change the leadership in the house. Donna is a leaseholder and understands that certaIn natural gas companies are taking deductions that belong to leaseholders. Leases were signed in good faith with a minimum guarantee of 12.5% or more.  The battle has been going on for over 8 years to get a minimum royalty bill passed. In order to get a bill passed we must change things in Harrisburg. These monies belong to the hardworking leaseholders that will spend their  dollars locally which will positively impact everyone in the district and state. It baffles Donna that when the state needs increased revenues and certain natural gas companies are robbing people of the 110th, Harrisburg is not listening. These increased royalty payments to leaseholders would provide more revenue to the state.

Opiate Epidemic

Donna has personally lost a loved one to this terrible disease. She has also helped a love one battle this disease and  is grateful that he has become a contributing member of the community. This disease does not discriminate.   It affects more then the person suffering from addiction, it also effects the family and friends, it  puts a hardship on emergency personnel, hospitals, jails, treatment facilities and law enforcement. Doctors prescribing opiates, along with insurance companies and pharmaceutical industry should be active in finding a solution to this crisis.  People throughout the district are working hard to fight this disease.  It‘s going to take a unified effort so that no-one else has to experience losing a loved one. 

Decriminalize Marijuana

States that have legalized marijuana have seen a 25% drop in the use of opiates.  The additional tax revenues from legal marijuana could fund our schools and  help fund internet access to areas that have no access because they are deemed unprofitable by large corporations. Legalized marijuana would reduce  the burden on the judicial system and increase tax revenues. 

High speed internet

High speed Internet should be available to any home or business that wants it.  This is as important as getting electricity to each home in the 1930’s.  This has been a majority priority during Donna’s term as commissioner. Without high-speed internet access, we cannot compete in need the 21st century. We need to invest in the infrastructure to bring high speed internet to homes and businesses throughout the 110th and the state. 

Lead by example

Donna feels that the legislative body should lead by example. As legislators their  job is to work on behalf of the people who elect them.  They are “hired” to represent people. We must work to reduce government spending and learn how to streamline  programs, make  sure we are good stewards of taxpayers‘ money, and look at ways to reduce wasteful spending. Government needs checks and balances, but common sense  should also play a role. 

Being involved in County government has taught Donna the value of working together to find solutions. In order to tackle issues its important that we work through our differences. It takes cooperation, leadership and the ability to listen in order  to tackle the problems we are facing. 

Additional Concerns

Thank you for taking time to review the issues important to Donna. There are so many more issues that are important. Farmers  should be able to afford to operate. We need to make sure we are working on behalf of our farmers. They are the backbone our state. We need make sure children have something to eat, wear and have the ability to learn in a school that is safe and has the tools to educate students. Children are our future. 

The elderly need to have access to resources like the Area Agency on Aging and be able to afford their property taxes. Veterans need to have access to  resources they need when they come home from protecting us. 

College and technical schools should be affordable. Legislators should work on behalf of people and small businesses. Legislators need to tackle issues in a bipartisan manner. At the end of the day, we are all Pennsylvanians.  

As a legislator, Donna feels that it is her job is to work and fight on behalf of the people that elected her.